Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My first 1/1 is...an Oriole?

Today I stayed home with Jacoby because his daycare was closed for the day. After some breakfast and a nice, long morning nap, we decided to run a few errands and head out to the ol' card shop to chew the fat for awhile. Fully mobilized Jacoby has now discovered the dollar rack is well within his little grasp, so he is getting be quite a handful. But he grabbed a couple cards that I thought were pretty cool, and they WERE going to be the subject of this blog, but those will have to wait until tomorrow.

While at the shop I decided to grab a box of cards to open during Jacoby's second name. I perused the shelf and stumbled upon a discounted box of T206. I have always regretted giving away my only three T206 relics. I really enjoyed the casings, but alas I had a Yankee, a ranger, and an old mill Ichiro that turned into a good trade for me. But I missed those suckers, plus I have not heard of a ton of great stuff appearing out of this product yet, and with the luck I have at this shop, I figured it was worth the chance. Here are the hit results... The one and only cased-relic of the box turns out to be a dandy. Not only is it Old-Mill, which is a step up from Piedmont, but it is also of future HOF Chipper Jones. This, apparently, is a piece of his All-Star jersey from 2008. I cannot remember any of these other relics ever being so specific, but I will take their word for it. A good start!

Johnny "Comeback Kid" Cueto auto. While I have a couple Cuetos in the treasure chest already, it is always nice to add another, and also nice to see that he is getting more consistent with his signature!
Out of the same pack as Mr Cueto, a mini slips on to the table. Immediately I noticed something different about it, it has a dark border around it while all the others are light. What the?

Then I flipped it over, and it took a few seconds for my eyes to spot the number...

Oh my! My first official 1/1 pull! My Orioles mojo has been insane lately. From Markakis Letterman, to Markakis/Roberts dual auto, to Ripken pants to Ripken gold-bordered #/10, and now the first and only Carolina Brights I have ever seen. Dumbfounded!
I should stay home more often!


  1. you still want that yo? haha nice card!

  2. Bad News for Ebay Sellers.

    Today was the first day of free postings under 99 cents on ebay (up to 100 a month - up from 5).
    Yesterday there were 207,000 Topps cards listed for sale. Today there is 1.5 Million listings for Topps cards.

  3. Wow Dude! You have the best luck!!! I wish I had something to offer you... The B-Rob dual auto is a sweet card... I grabbed the Crawford and Iwamura 1 of 1s from that set, but I paid for him, I have never pulled a card numbered lower than 99. You are a lucky dude...

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  5. Wow! I like the STICK Carolina Brights card. Pretty sweet!!

  6. What Great Luck!

  7. You should get some of those mini top loaders for that card! I always see them at my shop and want to buy them, but I have no mini cards worth protecting. Maybe I'll buy them and send them to you.

  8. Mike - how easily you forget our set of Codebreaker 1/1's!!!!