Monday, March 29, 2010

Around the horn!

"Where's he been"? you may or may not have been asking over the last several days. Well, "He" has been completely and utterly addicted to the PS3 and MLB The Show and working so feverishly to learn how to read pitches and hit a curveball, that "He" has had nary a free moment to dedicate to blogging. Not only that, but I (oops, did I break tense there) did not even rip a single pack of cards, nor travel to the card shop. SMACK! I gotta wake up and do some blogging!

So I am eagerly awaiting the Sunday night season opener. I know that probably 98% of people out there have Red Sox/Yankees lash and could care less about Sunday night, but I always watch the Sunday night opener, no matter who plays. We cook up some brats with sauerkraut, beans, potato salad, beer, and peanuts and dig in for the game. Then this year I have finally decided to take Monday off to watch all of the aces go head-to-head. Needless to say it has been a LONG spring training and I am ready to get the party started.

Barring any last-second issues, I believe that the Red Sox starting lineup and batting order should be I present the 2010 World Champion Boston Red Sox...

Batting first, Red Sox all-time single season steals leader, LF Jacoby Ellsbury. I am very excited for Jacoby this year, I think the move to left field fairly non-eventful considering the short porch. Basically if you know how to play that wall, then you will succeed. I think a better fit would be out in the vast expanse that is right field, but I would not be surprised to at least see Ellsbury play some center field on occasion this year. I also am willing to bet that he can break that steals record again...

Batting second, little pony, 2B Dustin Pedroia. What can you say, he is a former MVP with some pop in his bat, speed, and sheer grit. Looking forward to seeing many gapper doubles and caroms off the monster.

Batting third, the new backstop, power-hitter C Victor Martinez. Okay, so he had a bit of a tryout last season, but we'll just pretend he is a new addition. It is the end of the Varitek era, and that can sometimes be hard to swallow, but I cannot think of a better replacement. Plus hopefully VMart plays some occasional 1B so Varitek can see a bit of action this year as well.

Batting cleanup, YOOOUK!!! 1B Kevin Youkilis. Probably one of the most polarizing players on the team, but if he is on your side you love him. He can be a bit intense at times, which was a stark contrast to Kevin Millar who helped patent many creative handshakes with the bunch of idiots, but you can't argue Youk's defensive abilities, which are going to be a major theme with this squad. Plus he has the monsters number.

Batting...5th? Big Papi DH David Ortiz...Ortiz is a bit of a wild-card this year, also it is promising to see him in the 5-hole considering all of his troubles last season. It remains a mystery how he will come out of the gates this season, but if he can find his form then he can protect Youkilis while Youkilis protects Vmart. Still a household favorite 'round these parts.

Batting 6th, RF JD Drew...Damn you are one of those players who I desperately want to replace, then suddenly you go on a tear hitting, or making amazing catches in right field...and just when I start to trust you again you go and get hurt. I am not too concerned though, there is this fella named Josh Reddick who is ready to burst onto the scene in right as needed.

Batting 7th, 3B Adrian about an awkward situation with Lowell playing that last couple days, playing for an audition with another team. Lowell seems to be handling it well though, and Beltre...does he even talk....I have not heard a word from him since he was signed a few months back. I honestly don't know a ton about his batting ability since his suspicious monster year in LA, but all of the Mariner fans 'round these parts rave about his defense, so if he can handle hot box, more power to him!

Batting 8th, 'ol crooked hat himself, CF Mike Cameron. Speed speed and more speed....and a hole in his bat. What an interesting choice to add to the team this year. I honestly don't have a ton to say about Cameron, but I have always followed his activity through Seattle, San Diego, and Miliowwakkie, so at least he is on my radar. It will be interesting to see how he pans out. At the very least he should be a base stealing threat and should add a dent or two into the wall.

Batting 9th, SS Marco Scutaro. I know little to nothing about this man, so I won't even pretend I do. I hate Toronto, I hate their field and their damn fans blowing on horns the whole game (Oakland, you are on notice too), I hated Halladay, and I really did not follow that team at all. BUT, if the Red Sox truly believe that this is the answer to the revolving SS door, then that's fine...but I don't believe it for one minute. At this rate the Sox will never solidify that spot. It's kinda like the red shirt on "Star Trek", Murphy Brown's admin assistant, or Kenny on "South Park". I just ain't gunna work out.
Though deep down I feel that if I beat the man down, then he will prove me completely wrong and DOMINATE.
Starting rotation pitchers tomorrow!


  1. I still have not decided whether or not to Opening Day food on Sunday or Monday. Maybe both! I, too, will be at home (before and after picking up grandma daycare provider #2 at the airport) watching all of the games.

  2. You stole my post. But that is okay because I am to lazy to write one and this gives me an excuse now.