Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the games begin!

Well, I have to say, those final few postings made it a lot tougher to dilly out the final teams than I had originally thought.

To start, I must apologize to one commenter whom I believe had not gotten in yet in the original post. The second posting was for those that had already entered and therefor were able to meet the criteria of the four questions to get another number. Unfortunately I had to DQ, and I apologize for that.

Also, we had some true sportmanship displayed as Opoohwan and DayF each had the opportunity for an extra team, Opoohwan offered it to DayF, and DayF generously gave it to a team that suddenly came up short on even a single competitor. I have learned of some teams that were listed on the Olympic website that I listed may not actually have a team after all. Unfortunately, I can't go back and change that, but if you signed up for a team minus an olympian, you still get three to eight entries just for signing up.

In true Dumbledorian fashion, I award Opoohwan an additional three entries for offering his second pick to DayF, and DayF, I award you six extra entries for giving away that pick to to Dukie and also some stellar research regarding Nepal and its two Olympians. You don't have the bobsled team, but you have a nice 14 entries.

OKAY, all of that craziness aside, Here is what happens next.

Over the next two weeks I will be updating points daily based on medal counts earned. The list allows me to slide teams up and down so you should be able to locate yourself fairly easily. This will be displayed as your original entries + medal count earned. I will update once a day, so while medal counts change real time, mine will one reflect a moment in time and will be caught up the next day.

At the end of the competitions, your number of entries will represent how many times your name is entered in for the prize drawings. Final winners will be announced no later than Tuesday after the Olympics! Enjoy the games and good luck!


  1. Thank you sir. Um, at the risk of sounding really geek-ish, did we win the house cup?

  2. There are two Davids - one with Australia and one with Argentina. Do you know which country I have? I believe that I have Argentina because it was filled first and I was and earlier entry but I just wanted to check.
    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  3. yes. you are correct. what is your last initial and I will add it to your entry.

  4. Let's get eet on, mon ami!

  5. :(