Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hockey Day?

Being that this is one of the few hockey cards that I have in my collection (well, temporarily anyways, this one is closing on eBay today) I thought that this would be a great do an Olympic update, which today is decidedly hockey-heavy. Today the USA takes on Canada, Russia takes on the Czech Republic, and Sweden takes on Finland. While I don't really follow hockey during the season, I will definitely be checking out these long as it does not interfere with curling!
The leaderboard continues to develop, and there have been several countries that have snagged surprising medals and vaulted teams up the ranks. Most notably South Korea (Grand Cards) Austria (Peterson) Norway (Mark's Ephemera), and The Netherlands and their impressive speed skating (Play at the Plate) have all made impressive leaps.
Meanwhile Slovenia (BA Benny), Latvia (Shue), and Switzerland (Roy) have chipped in enough to gain some extra entries for their owners.
Overall, the top 10:
1. United States (AceWild) 50 entries
2. Germany (Community Gum) 36 entries
3. Norway (Mark's Ephemera) 35 entries
4. South Korea (Grand Cards) 29 entries
5. Canada (Matthew) 23 entries
6. Austria (Peterson) 21 entries
7. France (The Wax Wombat) 20 entries
8. Russia (Nico) 17 entries. NOTE: yes, there are two Russia's. I have destroyed the editor.
9. Netherlands (Play at the Plate) 17 entries
10. Sweden (Jim) 16 entries
10. Switzerland (Roy) 16 entries
Still lots of time for movement as just a medal or two can propel a team up several spots. Enjoy the games!

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  1. Look out, AceWild. The US was looking pretty dominant for a while there, but don't count Germany out! We have just as many golds and silvers -- soon to be more.