Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trade with Priceless Joe!

As the year winds down and I am enjoying going through some of the sets that I have collected throughout the year and as well as the friendships that I have made. Today I went out to collect the mail and found a nice brown envelope waiting for me from my friend Joe at Priceless Pursuit
Joe and I have exchanged plenty of cards up and down I-5 throughout the summer and fall, as he passion for the Yankees is as strong as my passion for the Red Sox. A match made in heaven. Joe also welcomed in little Joe Jr into the family earlier this month, one day before my little Jacoby turned one. Who knows, maybe some say Joe Jr and Jacoby will be trading baseball cards.

Joe also knows of my passion towards finishing sets. I admit that over the course of the last few months I have veered away from this, but intend to right the ship and finish up some boxes. One of the first sets I ever really fell for was the Turkey Reds in 2009 Flagship. I fought long and hard to get all 100 only to be mortified to learn that there were going to be 50 more in U&H. Joe recently cracked a box of U&H and checked out my needs list and sent me the following...
Without a doubt, the Martinez is my favorite of the bunch. I am starting to feel a little guilty about liking V-Mart so much because Jason Varitek is probably my all-time favorite Sox. But father time keeps on ticking and teams change. I hope he stays on with the organization in some capacity or another.

I also have developed quite the liking for the old-timers lately. I can't really explain why the sudden fascination with the greats of the game, but I just can't seem to get enough of the retro cards lately. Joe sent me a handful of Legends of the game...

Without a doubt the highlight of the package was Joe's hit from his hobby box, a Roy Campenella Legends of the Game Team Letter Patch. And yes, Joe was right, this patch is certainly more stunning in person.
It is serial numbered 5/50 and features the old school Brooklyn Dodgers lettering. Joe has had some mad luck with hits lately and I am thrilled that he was able to part with this one to scratch my old-timers itch. In return I shall be showering Joe with Yankees galore to start a treasure chest for Joe Jr.

I highly recommend the Priceless Pursuit as a daily perusal, and if you are into the whole "Drewbie" awards scene, I urge you to place a vote for Joe. He is a stand up guy, and has a highly-entertaining blog. Check it out and thanks again Joe!


  1. I was particularly drawn to the Victor Martinez card, too... strange considering my general dislike for all things Red Sox. Maybe it's because the Topps logo is white? That's the only one I've seen like that, and maybe it's just because of the dark background on the card. Who knows. Anyhow, glad you like the cards - I'll keep sending old timers your way.

    And for what it's worth, it's actually Joseph III...

  2. wait just a second... did I not include the Tommy Hanson turkey red? Could've sworn I saw it on your want list. I hope I didn't put it on someone else's trade pile by accident. I'll have to check when I get home... if I left it out, I'll send it in a future package.