Sunday, July 26, 2009

Results Of Goudey Packs

Yesterday I posted about 3 retail packs of 2009 Goudey that I snagged while at Target. I am actually pretty impressed with the pulls on this product, considering that it is retail, as well as I only grab a few random packs at a time. Here are some of the notables...
What I guess you can consider to be a Dice-K card, and Justin Verlander and Mr. Lincicum fit my collecting needs perfectly.

I also got several rookie cards, most notably Mat Gamel and Dexter Fowler. These dissapear into the "pray" box.

Not necessarily on my needs list but good pulls include a Brooks robinson SP, an Atlanta Braves 4 in 1, and a blue-backed Bill Hall Mini

....of course no pack is perfect!
Below are the remainder of my Goudays if you are interested...
#170 Wade Leblanc
#116 Joe Nathan
#87 John Lackey
#72 Miguel Cabrera
#18 Nick Markakis
#6 Dan Haren
#166 Kevin Kouzmanoff
#106 Bill hall
#167 Chris Young
#62 Travis Hafner
#59 Kelly Shoppach
#113 Ryan Braun
#121 Kevin Slowey Mini green back

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  1. I like the Brooksie card and Atlanta Braves cards! I can't wait to see Brooks at the sports challenge...he is the man!