Sunday, July 26, 2009

A couple of Ebay Treasures

Every now and again I like to jump onto Ebay and see if I can catch myself a bargain or two. There are just a lot of cards out there that are difficult to trade for, and rookie cards fall into that category. The great place to find rookie cards is online, since guys like me go huntin' for them. I was extremely fortunate to find two gems this weekend for a pretty decent price...
This is a 2008 Johnny Cueto rookie Chrome auto. Granted it has a sticker and it looks like he signed it standing on his head, but if a Topps representative says its an official auto, then thats cool by me. I was happy to drop $7.50 for this gem.
I kinda stumbled upon that Chrome card, but this Stadium redemption was my true target. I have been trying up and down to trade for this recently mailed card from Topps. Again, autos are a tough trade and so I turned to Ebay and (whaddaya know) there were several posted for bid over the weekend. I kept watching them come and go and the price just never seemed right. Suddenly this evening somebody decided to post a "Buy It Now" for $4.50 and I quickly jumped on it. Note the variety in signature, but this one more matches up with my SP Legendary Cuts Sig, so I guess signing that Topps Chrome sticker must have made it a bit slippery for him.
Money well spent, in my opinion, and I am thrilled to add these to my phenom wing!


  1. Glad you got your Stadium Club Johnny. And kind of glad I'm keeping mine!

  2. it's a nice card, it took several failed trade offers about about 5 failed auctions to finally nail it down!

  3. The 2008 topps one with the sticker the sticker looks outta place and takes up half the card. But there good cards.

  4. Wow, what a difference in the auto's. My brother told me recently that he pulled a j.cueto out of stadium club and I told him to hang on to it especially since I think this kid has got some good potential. I also like Jay Bruce and Joey Votto of the Reds (they may be a bit more pricey). Nice cards and excellent finds on the bay, good work!