Thursday, October 14, 2010

My ACTUAL 2010 Topps Triple Threads Hits

Yesterday I mentioned how my long shot 2% chance of purchasing a box of 2010 Triple Threads quickly became a 100% reality.

Yesterday I did not have the scans available, so I got a little cheeky and found some pretty cool replacement hits (wasn't that Gehrig amazing?). So last night I took the time to scan in the REAL 2010 hits for your approval.

Mike Schmidt. Hindsite I probably should have kept the auto hit, but as I said yesterday, Schmidt just really isn't my deal, and I don't really care for the image nor the powder blue jersey, or pants, or whatever it is. What part of that Phillie's uniform had blue? Schmidt collectors deserve it more than I.

Now this one I kept and the more I look at it, the more impressed I am. First of all, the scanner makes reflective images look dusty and blurry. Rest assured this card really pops. I really like the three color jersey scheme, and I like the font of the word "Nationals", AND I really dig the stitching on the letter "I". I am happy to add this to my binder as the representative of 2010 Triple Threads (pending birthday insanity....but there is only a 2% chance I will buy another box :)
Here are some base...

There is base in this product?? Funny thing is I think there is five more cards floating around the cave somewhere, but I could not find them. I might have "lost" them as I screamed in frustration and hucked them down the garbage disposal when I did not hit my 1:1 Superfractor White Whale Triple Auto Tri-Fold 3D DNA card of Stras, Heyward, and the Babe. Dammit.


  1. That Schmidt would have looked great with some multi color patch pieces in it. All blue?? yuck. The Dunn is much cooler that one deserved the auto and I like the multi color pieces, again some patch peices would have made it better. I'm just not impressed with Triple Threads hence I saved my duckets.

  2. Yeah, the blue just does not work with the scheme...neither does the feathered hair :)