Friday, August 13, 2010

JD's Wild Cardz is getting smaller!

Mini-small that is...

Piggybacking on yesterday's post regarding the lack of originality and card subjects in recent products, when I assess where the "wow" factor really comes in to play (at least in my collection) is with the various product mini cards...

For the longest time, as long as time gets when you only have been collecting for a year...I found that mini cards were a bit of a nuisance because I had no way to store them, as well as mini cards were a bit of an enigma because I could not wrap my noodle around why somebody would clammer over a scale-version of a base card.

Of course over time both of these issues resolved themselves. I have since found tobacco card binder sleeves, and actually find that the mini cards look pretty fancy all lined up together...and I also have discovered that there are a ton of mini-exclusives produced, especially in the Ginter set. Salty sailors, world's biggest, creatures of joy, national animals, dinosaurs!!

So at least to me, it appears as if the originality that I feel has been lacking in regular sets has appeared to be pumped into mini production. That being the case I have decided to sleeve up all my minis and start a new binder!

My sleeves came in the other day and my first dilemma was "how do I organize these"? I have several greek gods, dinos, wordsmiths etc, but do I organize numerically by set? What happens when I acquire another card, do I shift them all? Which set do I like best and where do I put those.

So for now I just decided to randomly throw them all into sleeves and figure it later...hey, it's the collectors way, right?

But then I noticed something when I flipped though my sheets...I LIKED the chaotic look to it. One one page I had a shark, a greek god, a Jim Palmer, a Cougar, a Kurt Suzuki, the atom card, and a horse.

On another, a dino, a sheep, William Shakespeare, Coco Crisp, The Parthenon, Mike Aviles...

Hmm, and after I flip through the 10 or so pages I flipped though again and on each of these pages I found my attention drawn to different cards each time! It was like looking through a page for the first time.

I kinda like this mad-scramble of chaos. I realize now that lining up an entire set of mini's side-by-side tends to make them all blend together and I scan right over the top of them. Having no display pattern makes these cards infinitely more interesting! I also threw in my magic 8-ball goodwin of Vlad, my hand numbered Heinrich Hertz...just sleeve em all up and let em mingle!

So I am going to turn some of my attention towards mini cards, with Obak being my next target. I don't really care for full sets, or particular long as they are not a dup, I want em! Occasionally I will share some of my favorites of the moment with you.

Oh yeah...and I have my APB out for any of the World's Biggest mini cards as well as the Easter Bunny and the Invisible Man. If you would like to do some mini swapping, please let me know.

Here are a couple of my current favorites...

This card is RAGIN'! I love the black border on this card, it really gives it an extra creepiness factor that really makes this card original.

I have loved this card forever, but finally broke down and sprung for it on eBay. So far, this is my hand's down favorite of all mini-time. More minis to come!


  1. Check out my blog, I've got a printing plate of the X-Ray mini if you're interested!

  2. You should take the Ginter relics out of the red bordered "shell".

    Mini relics = awesome.