Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's here!

...The mini of all minis has arrived safely at JD's house. I proudly give you.....Easter Bunny.

Hopping merrily along, from apparently New Jersey, the Easter hopped his was out West, depositing Easter eggs to all the good little children of the World and spreading joy while shunning the "creature" moniker that has been unfairly bestowed upon him at the Topps compound.

The Easter Bunny is probably my MOST sought after mini from this year's Ginter set. I have not even sniffed a creature card this year (last year I pulled Dragon), and have tried several boxes and a blaster in an attempt to pull one of this subset.

Alas is was not to be so I went to the good ol' eBay backup and the previous owner sent the bunny merrily on his way. Of course with my new found love of minis, Mr. Rabbit will end up random sleeve and will quickly be "out of sight, out of mind", but for the moment this is BIG news (a hint for what else is on the way).

Here is a little of Charles Schulz' Easter Beagle and some dancing bunnies to get your day going.


  1. Little card, but BIG news? I'm freaking out, man.

  2. Pretty sick card you have but still you wanted it to get out of sight and out of mind..

  3. Well...not TOO far out of site. I will find a home in an upper-left quadrant so my eyes will be drawn to it more frequently. Bunny will get his day in the sun :)

  4. That would make an Awesome TTM attempt. I don't have the address, but I can ask Santa for you.