Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bamboozled! Pi

When the CEO of JD's Wildcardz decreed "We shall have minis!" (actually he probably said "ball ball" but being the President of the company, I am required to have a keen ear and I interpreted his statement as "We shall have minis!". Thus, minis we shall have.

I have been having a blast searching around the country for mini cards, ANY mini cards that are not dups to add to my ever-expanding mini-binder. No, it's not a really tiny binder, but a regular binder full of minis.

So what is the master plan with the minis? That's the beauty of it...there is none! Have you ever seen that episode of South Park where the underpants knomes come and continually steal Tweeks underpants? The business plan for the operation was:

Phase 1: Collect Underpants
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: Profit

While step three is highly debatable, this is the general plan. I want Jacoby to some day look through the binder and be totally perplexed by the baseball card collecting hobby. "these are baseball cards??" I also want to some day make a wager with him that my name is on the back of one of those tiny little cards, have him take the bet, lose, and then have to paint the fence or mow the lawn!

Wanna know another magical thing about minis? The wife somewhat approves of collecting them. Wait.....WHAAA? Yeah, it turns out that Easter Bunnies, World's Tallest Tree's, sharks and Dennis Rodman are actually interesting to her! It makes it easier to justify the envelopes that litter the kitchen counter. "But look honey....it's the groundhog!"

JD and I thank everybody who has offered of a smattering of minis to help grow our humble and confusing collection. Please let us know if you have any mini-clutter that you would like trade. We would be happy to find something you like!

Here then is a tiny lot that I found on Ebay the other day. It was just four cards, but it was by far the most random offering that I have jumped on yet...

Pi! 1998 April Fools hoax claiming Alabama's state legislature had rounded the value of pi to the "Biblical value of 3." A nifty little card from a nifty little subset. Did anybody ever find a Madoff? There has to be a prototype out there somewhere!

Louis Braille. Inventor of...well...braille. Cool card, but totally off-centered as the scan shows.

Mark Twain. The artwork on the earlier Ginter minis is really amazing, and this is one of the best.
Have a great day!


  1. My wife is the opposite: she 'gets' baseball cards, but thinks the random cards in Ginter (and other sets) are stupid. I suppose I can see both sides of the argument, should our wives ever argue about which cards in Ginter sets are the best. However - I must add that she is trained in self-defense and knows various take-down methods which has been required training for her job. I advise you to take her side.

    As for the braille card, isn't it somewhat appropriate that it's off-centered? I mean, braille, blind....


  2. well, I wasn't going to be the one to really go there on the Braille card, but that's what I have you around for!

  3. I can send some minis. Got a whole mess of that I don't really have any use for. Will a horse (from Mayo) and a bull shark and whatever else I can dig up get me that #'ed Obak Starlin Castro if you still have it?