Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup Update, Day....Nine?

Hey folks.

Well, when the work week started I quickly realized that keeping up with every World Cup game pretty much meant that I was going to need to cut out some time somewhere, and that meant blogging time!

Rest assured, I have still been watching three matches a day for the last week. waking up at 4:30 and then in the shower at 5:15 and then back on the sofa for the second half of the early game. Then off to the office where there has been ABSOLUTELY NO interest in the World Cup, so it has been a pretty safe haven from learning scores in advance of coming home for my nightly double-header. Portland really is a Soccer city though and wandering around downtown at lunchtime can be a bit risky, as even Laundromats appear to have a game on their 19 inch television.

I have taken the time to go into the sidebar and update everybody's points up through yesterday (Friday). I will kick in the updated points for Group B today and should have group C up as well after the Ghana-Australia game.

While I won't dip in to details on each team, I have to say that at this point I would say Argentina, and Germany have been the most impressive, although Germany fell asleep at the wheel Friday morning.

One team that I am absolutely convinced is still a contender even though they lost their first match is Spain. In their first match they had a ton of great shots on goal as seem to be excellent at controlling their passing and keeping possession. Head to Vegas now and put yer money on Spain, says JD's Daddy.

The USA? Yeah, they certainly WAZ robbed, however, what the heck are they doing digging themselves such a deep whole to begin with? Now they have to most likely beat an apparently difficult Algeria to advance. Good for ratings I guess.

My darkhorse? Well, when I say darkhorse, I don't mean to win it all because the soccer gods will only allow for a super power to win it all...but I like Ghana, and I like Mexico to make some noise.

Next week gets interesting. Because the World Cup makes the entire group play at the same time to avoid sandbagging, I am forced to decide WHICH game to watch during each time slot. A choose-your-own-adventure of sorts. Though after Monday I should be armed with the knowledge of which game means the most and set the DVR. Hard to imagine that the round of 16 is only a week away. ENJOY!

Let's hear it for the boys!

While I have been wasting away in World Cup Land, it appears that the Rays and Yankees have fallen of a ledge and as of this morning, the left-for-dead Boston Red Sox game back! Not bad for written off by the media just over one month ago. Not only that but they nearly have the best record in baseball? It has now become apparent that their success has been a direct result of my lack of viewership. Apparently I am bad moogoo.

Well, back to the games, go Ghana!

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