Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trade Bait

As my eyelids flutter open and shut after a long evening of setting up the PlayStation 3 and getting in my first game of The Show, I have been trying to figure out what to write about today without having any new scans to throw into the post. This means ripping some images from some other poor saps blog, or from eBay.

I remember back during the craziness of Olympic Contest fever and Topps-O-Cuffs Rip-Off, that I was so disappointed with the pace of the rip-off as well as the results, that I decided to take my second box and just rip the whole damn thing in one sitting. Always gotta hold out hope for something decent or unexpected like a silk or a printing plate, or a silk printing plate, or a plate full of silk. There is also those hat relics and some relatively lousy autographs to be had as well.

36 packs is a LOT of ripping, especially when you are dealing with the tricky to rip Mylar shiny wrappings. Seriously...have you ever seen those box breaks where you just watch the person's hands flying around in a blur and tearing into a pack like it's nobody's business? I could never do a box break for several reasons...1) I don't have a web cam, 2) I have been known to get a drawling, stuffy Ray Romano pitch to my voice, especially as the week wears on and I lose sleep, and nobody needs to hear that, and 3) I would fumble horribly with the wrappers and open myself to relentless ridicule (not that the Ray Romano voice statement won't). I really do have great hands for a box rip though. So, those of you that do face shots instead of hand shots on your breaks, do you do it because you suck at ripping packs? Be honest! :)

Anyways, neither here nor there. What came out of the box was another worthless shin-shoo-choo-choo relic that I believe I have already disposed of, some various gooooooold Toppstown cards and some various inserts that I needed. Other than that I was still 40 cards short of a full set (now down to 2) and ended up with a whole box of doubles.

But I did have the fortune of pulling one of the illustrious Topps SP cards. And in truly JD's Daddy fashion, I pulled a Yankee.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this card. Short prints are cool, and even though Yankee, Gehrig is one of the most recognizable and classy names in baseball history. Its a pretty cool card. Really though, I don't have any particular affinity for this card as say...the short prints of Tris Speaker and Babe Ruth from last year's set. That being the case I would like to offer it up to somebody who will appreciate it more.

Just looking for either a SP for SP exchange, or maybe one of those cool hat patches or something equivalent. Hit me up, Yankee fans!

Gotta go practice my pack rips now....or maybe take a nap.


  1. I have a 2009 Topps U&H #153 George Sisler SP I wouldn't mind trading for the Gehrig. LMK

  2. Hey, it says "I choo choo choose you", and it's a train!

  3. No naps. Only games of The Show. We must do battle soon.

    This would be a cool SP to get your hands on, and if I had anything worthwhile to trade you I'd totally make an offer, but since I'm barely breaking anything these days, I don't. Follow up with what you get for it!

  4. Yes, we must also battle. The only catch is you have to commit to nothing else for the entire day. My three month old makes planning for ANYTHING impossible, so you'll need to be ready at a moment's notice. Good? Good.