Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My T206 Plans (I Think)

Yesterday I mentioned that I snagged a box of T206. I did so without any particular idea of what I want to do with the cards. I definitely am not looking to complete the set, as it sounds way too tedious and annoying to even attempt it. I just picked up the box because the contents look kind of fun.

I am starting to think that after opening about six packs (no hit yet), that I am leaning towards the retired players cards. I think they are pretty jazzy looking and I think that I would like to collect at least each of those as well as the usual suspects that I already collect. Most likely everything else will be up for grabs. I am really looking to convert T206 cards into either:

1: Turkey Reds from Updates and Highlights
2: Topps High Numbers base and short-prints
3: Goodwin Champion Base and short prints (I forgot that I am shooting for that set).

Either way, I will start posting up some stuff tonight starting with some minis and my hit from the random packs I bought the other day.

A hint? Think Chuck Norris.

1 comment:

  1. What number cards do you need from Topps High Numbers base & Goodwin Champion Base I should have a few.